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• Raise awareness, advocate rights, and promote inclusivity for differently-abled cricketers.
• Develop accessible infrastructure, facilities, and supportive environments for their participation.
• Enable participation in international tournaments, representing their country globally.
• Prioritize well-being with medical assistance, counselling, and career guidance for overall growth.

• Empower individuals with disabilities to excel in cricket and be recognized for their abilities.
• Foster an inclusive cricketing community where everyone can participate and thrive.
• Become a global leader in promoting and supporting differently-abled cricket, setting new standards of excellence and inclusiveness.
• Inspire and motivate individuals with disabilities to pursue their cricketing passion, unlocking their full potential with equal opportunities for success.
• Collaborate globally to build an inclusive and accessible cricketing ecosystem.

Here's how you can get involved in our Association:
• Players: We welcome individuals with a disability level of at least 40%, to join our team. Players interested in joining will need to go through a selection trial to assess their skills and suitability for the team.
• Coaches: Seeking passionate coaches to groom differently-abled players. If you are willing to devote your time and expertise, we encourage you to apply for an honorarium coaching position to help players reach their potential.
• Volunteers: We invite individuals who can dedicate their time to supporting our cause. Volunteers can assist us in various activities, such as organizing events, raising funds, and securing sponsors. Your contributions are valuable.

If you have any further questions or would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Absolutely! We offer various Fund-raising and sponsorship opportunities to support our activities. We encourage you to visit our website, where you can find all the legal documents outlining these opportunities. We actively seek partnerships with individuals, businesses, and organizations that share our vision of promoting inclusivity and empowering differently-abled cricketers.

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